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Pool Cleaners

What we love about Baracuda pool cleaners

By now, you may be wondering why we at 4 Pumps recommend Baracuda pool cleaners so stridently. It's all about how well they perform and last - it's just that simple when it comes to auto pool cleaners that we will stock and recommend. They were among the very first automatic pool cleaners on the market, and that track record and history really shows in the amazing products you can find in the hand-picked 4 Pumps pool cleaner range.

The first Baracuda pool cleaner 'did its thing' in a pool in 1976 - and in the four decades since then, they've just got better and better. Always first with the latest, state of the art, creepy crawly pool cleaner-like technology, Baracuda wants its pool cleaners to be quiet, nimble, efficient and lasting - things that are so crucially important to the team here at 4 Pumps as well. By the 80s, after being acquired by Zodiac, the Zodiac robotic pool cleaner was the pool cleaner Australia most wanted and trusted.

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